Customer Lost Key Fobs & Doesn’t Know 5-Digit PIN

It is common that a customer comes into your shop and they have lost their key fobs and unfortunately do not know their 5-digit PIN code. With Centurion, this job has been made easier for you. Before starting you need to note whether the bike is a 4-PIN (J1850 bike) or a 6-PIN (CAN bus) bike.


NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.

  1. Ensure that the IGN is on, the RUN button is set to ‘Run’, and the VCM is connected.
  2. Ensure that the battery is at 12v or more and will remain so, for the duration of the module replacement (i.e. Battery Charger).
  3. In Centurion, click the Active Settings button.
  4. From there, navigate to KeyFob & PIN.
    NOTE: This is the point at which it matters whether you are working on a 4-PIN bike or a 6-PIN bike. If you are working on a 4-PIN bike, then skip to step eight. If you are working on a 6-PIN bike, then continue with step six.
  5. Now that we know we are working on a 6-PIN CAN bus bike; you will need to utilize the Battery Clamp Security Cable (pictured below). This cable is used for 6-PIN bikes only because on CAN bus bikes in order to pull the PIN we need to bypass the ECU and jumpstart the BCM.
  6. You will need to attach the battery clamps to the battery located on the bike, and the other side of the cable will connect in between the 6 PIN diagnostic cable and the data link cable on the motorcycle (pictured below).
  7. After everything is hooked up to the bike, we can now pull the 5-digit PIN from the TSSM/BCM. To do this simply click Recover Unknown PIN.
  8. You will then be prompted with a pop-up window. Review the disclaimer, and if you agree/approve then click OK.
  9. After clicking OK the software will then communicate with the pull the 5-digit PIN for you.
  10. Now that you have the 5-digit PIN, you will need to unlock the security on the bike using the manual turn signal method.
  11. After you have successfully disarmed the security on the bike, you can now connect to the bike like normal as well as program new key fobs to the bike.
  12. Further instructions on how to program the new key fobs can be found HERE.

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