centurion pay per license diagnostics

CENTURION-Standard Pay-Per Bike License


  • ABS Bleeding
    • Read & Clear DTCs
    • View Real-time data
    • Radio, ABS, TSSM/HSFM/BCM,‚Ä©Speedometer Read & Clear DTC
  • Carbureted-IGN and Marelli connectivity

Pay-Per Bike License

  • ECU Cloning of an Original ECU for a Blank ECU
  • Re-flash Blank ECU & Enter New VIN
  • Enable/Disable ACR
  • Enable/Disable Lights Configuration (BCM)
  • Key FOB Coding
  • Speedometer Calibration
  • Enable/Disable Chassis Fan
  • TPMS Manual Sensor Coding
  • Radio & Speaker Configuration
  • Recover Locked Security Modules (TSSM/HSFM/BCM)
  • And more...
NOTE: Annual new model year updates available for download and purchase for minimal fee; see licensing for details.