Harley Davidson®
ECM Refurbishing License


centurion super pro

Keep Your Shop Running Smoothly

Facing backorders or obsolescence of new ECMs? With our HD ECM Refurbishing License, you can refurbish used ECMs and keep your customer’s Harleys operating at their best.

What Our License Offers:

  • VIN Updates: Modify the VIN on a used ECM to match your customer’s Harley.
  • OEM Calibration: Restore and update the ECM to OEM/stock calibration, ensuring the motorcycle operates as if it were new.
  • Automatic Configuration: The ECM automatically updates its configuration to match stock settings, eliminating manual setup hassle.


Whether converting a 1200 Sportster ECM for an 883, adapting a Twin Cooled ECM for an Air Cooled engine, or retrofitting a 2007 ECM to a 2001-2005 model, our license enables a wide range of refurbishing capabilities.

Simple & Straightforward Requirements:

  • Verify that the ECM is compatible with the target vehicle model.
  • Maintain an up-to-date Centurion Super Pro license to ensure software compatibility and support.
  • Purchase a license for each ECM refurbishment job.

Important Limitations:

  • Odometer Readings: Does not clear the pre-existing odometer reading in the ECM. The higher of the odometer readings from the ECM or the speedometer will be synchronized and adopted by both.
  • Locked ECMs: Our service does not unlock ECMs that are secured against modifications.
  • Custom Tuning: Any custom calibrations previously applied will not be retained after refurbishment; only OEM calibrations are restored.

Tailored for Harley Mechanics

Designed specifically for mechanics, our license is a reliable, efficient solution for keeping your service offerings flexible and customer satisfaction high, even when new ECMs are unavailable.

UPGRADE Your Service Offerings!

Equip your shop with the ability to perform in-house ECM refurbishments.

It’s not just about repairs—it’s about providing a continuous, uninterrupted service that keeps your customers happy and their bikes in peak condition. Opt for our HD ECM Refurbishing License and never turn down a repair due to ECM availability again!